Salute 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are pleased to announce that there shall not be just one IHMN game at Salute this year, not even two, but three games!
Games Club Network (Chesterfield)   GL12    Once Upon A Time    Gothic Horror/Steampunk 28mm A twist to standard gameplay in which players win by achieving goals, not through victory for one side or the other. This system has been played successfully and involves a lot of bluff and double bluff between players. The setting is a remote Scottish Island…. (IHMN Rules/Westwind Figures)
Just About Games    GA17    Dirty Ole’ Town    Steampunk 28mm IHMN Steampunk participation game set in the seedy dockside streets of Old London Town.
And last, but by no means least, our old friends…
White Hart Wargames    GB03   Allan Quatermain and the Lost City    VSF 28mm Allan Quatermain and Company explore the ancient Zimbabwean ruins, little suspecting that they may be occupied. A game utilising the latest IHMN supplement.
Charles, the boy Conor and I shall be attending Salute and you can be sure that we shall visit all three games during the day. We are happy to lend a hand, if only to applaud, to each of these fine bodies of men.
We will also be more than happy to meet any of you that are attending and chat about IHMN now and in the future…

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