10 thoughts on “A little treat for the iron-minded…

  1. Splendid! Just sitting down to listen to one of the UK’s only steampunk radio shows, and my heart is filled with splendiferousness to hear such news!

  2. This looks gorgeous! I’ve only recently discovered IHMN and don’t have the rule book yet. Is this model tied to one faction of models? I’m leaning towards getting the Scotland Yard figs and I’m just wondering if the two can be fielded together. Cheers!

      • Thanks! And: bugger! My second choice is the Brick Lane Commune, so I could go that way. Or there are some lovely tank type things in the Dystopian Wars range that could fit the bill for Scotland Yard. Thanks for the help!

  3. Thanks for the confirmation, Craig. I’m sure I’ll end up getting for than one company in the fullness of time. One with an upper-classed twit operating a steam tank, perhaps…

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