Northstar add more companies and figures to their IHMN range…

You can now get the following on pre-order for release in march:

IHMN108 – Johnson Mk VII Industrial Walker
IHMN107 – Prince of Wale’s Extraordinary Company

Also there is Tarzan! An adventuring company lead by the Lord of the Jungle.


Put together by Dean Winson (one of the official IHMN crew) it includes:.

1x Tarzan
1x Jane
1x Rhino
2x Hunting Cats
2x Tribal Warriors with poisoned spears.
1x Witchdoctor with Venom and Path of Light powers.

The Company comes to 251 points. The figures used come from the North Star Africa! range. The list can be found on the official IHMN Blog site.

You can find the official IHMN Tarzan list in the Bonus Materials section of this blog (no.14).

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