Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the manuscript for Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun is now complete. The last company was despatched yesterday to Phil at Osprey and we await the final layout proofs.

SDRS Cover
What you may find interesting is that the word count for this volume is close to 30,000 words. That is 2,500 words longer than Heroes, Villain and Fiends, and  5,000 words longer than In Her Majesty’s Name.
There are seven companies from China, six from India, five from Japan and seven from those meddling Western powers. The westerners include Australian, German (not Prussian), American, Russian and British companies. Lord Curr features in one of the latter.
In the Armoury we have seven new weapons, six new forms of transport including an armed Junk and a Gunboat, and four new Mechanised Walkers.
There are nine new Talents and five Mystical Powers. Also we have included eight oriental landscapes and six scenario complicators. Three new mystical beasts round out the book, including the awesome Tibetan Yeti.
All in all this one shall be more packed with IHMN splendour than any that came before it.
We have really enjoyed writing this one and as we get closer to the publication date we shall reveal more of the details of this magnificent tome.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun

  1. Great news! Really looking forward to this one (and I’m working on some Asian IHNM companies as I get time). Hoorah for Messrs Cartmell & Murton!

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