Der Kult des Ubermensch


The ward was a bloody mess, literally. Beds were overturned, with nurses and patients lying wounded or dead from end to end. In the centre was Corporal Jenkins holding a fire axe, his mouth caked in blood and wearing the foulest grin you ever could imagine.

Captain Arthur Lowe and his two sentries stood at the top of the stairs and gawped. Then Jenkins noticed them and began to shamble slowly in their direction dragging a clearly broken leg behind him. Lowe didn’t hesitate but raised his service revolver and shot Jenkins clean through the chest. Jenkins stopped and looked down at the large hole in his sternum. He gently poked a finger into it and then looked back at Lowe before continuing his advance.

“Five rounds rapid! Fire!” commanded Lowe.

Although appalled by what they had seen both the young Privates jumped to the clear order. As they fired Lowe also emptied his revolver. His last bullet went through Jenkins left eye, removing most of the back of his skull. Jenkins wavered for a moment, his grin became lopsided and then he fell to the floor riddled with bullets.

“Thank god for that!” exclaimed Lowe with obvious relief.

Being a professional soldier he immediately broke open his revolver, emptied the shells on the floor and reloaded it. One of the Privates tugged urgently at his sleeve. He looked at the man exasperated that he should maul his commanding officer so. The boy was obviously in complete shock, he could not speak but was pointing back down the ward.

Lowe looked up and beheld a sight he would never forget. Between the beds and the chaos several patients and nurses were getting up. Then they stood there, bloodied and broken, and one by one each began to grin.


A new company for IHMN is now in the Bonus Material section of the blog. Der Kult des Ubermensch is a new threat to the established world order and one that must be destroyed at all costs!

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