Errata update

The Errata has been updated following our review of the layout copy of SDRS.

We found a few minor errors and a doozie. We have been charging one point to much for each of the Arc Weapons since the very beginning. If a weapon can normally not fire every turn there is a one point discount, we forgot that. D’oh!

1 thought on “Errata update

  1. I have a question in regards to the errata. As of your last update you make no references to shooting penalties after movement having any changes. Yet when you look at the reference sheet printed in the back of the rule book you list a -4 penalty for when the shooter moved at all regardless of distance and the handy printable version v2a reference cards on the wordpress website only has a penalty for if the shooter moved 3″ or more that turn. (rule 3.3.2)

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