Across the Dead Earth…


Sit down, listen up…
we’ve all the time in the world…
It was a Tuesday the day the world ended. My Grandmother must have told me a thousand times. People argue over the date, the month, the year, not that it matters. My Grandmother was a young  girl then, she’s now long since dead, my mother, born after the war, is dead too.
 The Last World War some call it. Optimists. No one really knows who started it, or why, if there was ever a reason, but once it started it was only ever going to end one way: the end of the world itself.
 And what comes after the end of the world, inherited by those few survivors? Life, of sorts, I  suppose. A struggle to survive, scavenging and looting and fighting our way in small bands, groups,  gangs or families: across the dead Earth.

Across the Dead Earth is a new post-apocalyptic skirmish game written by a couple of fellow Brit’s. From talking to one of the authors, Rich Chappell, and reading through their site this looks like it could a very interesting project indeed. There is a wealth of information here:

They have just launched a kickstarter which, in a single day, is two-thirds funded so now is the time to get in on this one. You can find the kickstarter here:

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