IHMN Author Interrogation Shock!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just been interviewed by two young chaps from the colonies, and they had the temerity to record and broadcast it on something called ‘you tube’!

If you can stand an hour of me being mercilessly interrogated about the creation of IHMN and where it might be headed, by a man painting a plastic flying pig, you can find it here:


I’ll be expecting writs from Games Workshop and several others I defamed shortly… 😉

11 thoughts on “IHMN Author Interrogation Shock!

  1. At the end of the video I was halfway through a sentence when Octavius had to finish the broadcast. My last words were “I am now a famous games author with an enormous salary”. Please understand that I was being ironic 🙂

  2. Well now Craig that was a great interview. I for one do appreciate the open source nature of the rules and the story telling aspect as well. Please keep up the good work. One question, as a huge ACW fan myself are your Whistling Dixie rules still available anywhere?

    • Hi John,
      Whistlin’ Dixieland actually predates the interweb, but I think that I may have a copy somewhere. I’ll dig through my oldest files and get back to you.
      My De Bellis Civilis American us were also quite popular if you wish to see those as well?

    • Well honestly it is you and Will who are to blame. He for inspiring me to write my own rules and you for being foolish enough to publish them 😛
      I like to give credit to where it is due. Free Wargames Rules has been, and continues to be an inspiration and a platform for many games designers who otherwise would be unknown outside their own clubs.

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