Northstar Poll Results

As Returning Officer for this Poll I would like to declare the results to be as follows:

Company Votes Share
The Tippoo Sultan [SDRS: Indian madman with Clockwork Tigers] 78 18%
Le Cabinet Noir [IHMN: French Secret Service] 67 16%
The Templars [HVF: Knights in armour with firearms] 56 13%
Royal Navy Landing Party [SDRS: with Rocketeers & a Patent Kelly suit] 47 11%
U-Troop, The North-West Mounted Police [HVF: Sasquatch] 42 10%
The Okhrana [HVF:Rasputin + Cossacks] 40 9%
The US Marine Corps [IHMN: Rocketeers!] 29 7%
Imperial Japanese Army – Kyoto Company [SDRS: Japanese Princess] 25 6%
The Kentish Men [Blog: London Villains] 25 6%
Brotherhood of the Serpent [SDRS: Chinese Pirates with Sea Serpents] 16 4%

Sir Nick Northstar and his staff shall now withdraw to consider their verdict…

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