Steve Saleh sallies forth!

Many of you know of Steve Saleh, the sculptor behind the first IHMN company figures from Northstar. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Salute last year and I can report that he is not only very talented but also an excellent chap as well.
Northstar have now released a range of his own sculpts under the imprint ‘Lucid Eye’ and the figures are really quite magnificent.
Here are just two to give you a flavour of what Steve is creating:



Note how Steve injects such dynamism into his figures without having them adopt outlandish poses. That, ladies and gentleman, is the mark of a master.

I’m hoping that these, and his Neanderthals, are at Salute because they have just shot to the top of my ‘must have’ list.

Neanderthals I say? Yes I do. Feast your eyes on these beauties…



I really hope that Steve expands this range soon because I am already hooked.


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