Mars Attacks!

Charles and I have written an IHMN mini-supplement for Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine based on aftermath of the Martian Invasion in 1899.


However, we have no photographs for the article and are looking for anybody who has any. In particular we are looking for pictures that depict:
– Smaller Martian Tripods in an urban setting, and
– Humans fighting Martian Ground Forces.

If your photographs are chosen the reward for your contribution shall be a named credit for each photograph used and a free copy of the magazine when it is published showing your work. We hope that it goes without saying they must be your own work and not published professionally anywhere else.
Photographs need to be nice and clear, and as big and high definition as you have.
If you would like to contribute to this you can send them to Guy Bowers at
Let me know here what you have sent so I can check that they have arrived safely.

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