Salute 2014 – IHMN events

As a reminder to all you ladies and chaps coming to Salute 2014 tomorrow, these are the IHMN demo/participation games being run by stalwart volunteers:

Gaming Club Network (Chesterfield Open Gaming Society)
GL12 Once upon a Time
This is an unusual participation game that is touring no less than five shows this year!

Just About Games
GA17 Dirty Ole’ Town
A participation games set in the seedy docklands of Old London Town.

White Hart Wargamers
GB03 Allan Quatermain and the Lost City
A demonstration game by our veteran IHMN crew. True gents one and all.

Charles and I shall be splitting our time between these games, lending them our support.

Two other places to go are:
The Wargames Emporium, where Northstar are pitching their tent this year (C13).
Osprey Publishing – if every one of you takes a few seconds to stop here and tell the chaps just how much you like IHMN we’ll be most grateful.

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