The Dragon stirs…

‘We thought our Christian civilisation was superior to their ancient ways – and we were wrong. We thought to make the world a safer place by plundering their great wisdom and wealth – and we were wrong. None of us understood the powers that we were awakening nor the calamities we could unleash by our actions.’
Diary of Field Marshal Sir Charles Napier Murton, Private Secretary (Special Duties) to Lord Harrington, Foreign Secretary, 1896

So ladies and gentlemen we are approaching the release of our third book in the IHMN series and we turn our face now towards the mysterious east.
Over the next few weeks we shall be taking you through how we created our vision of the East and revealing some of the contents, as well as releasing some excellent new material on the blog.

SDRS Cover

Overall in SDRS you will be getting twenty-four new companies from India, China, Japan and those meddlesome Western Powers. There are also new weapons, transports, walkers (yes we said walkers) , talents and powers. The book would not be complete without a range of Oriental Landscapes, scenarios and complicators. Last, but by no means least there shall be another backwards compatibility tabel to ensure that no company gets left behind.

So keep watching this blog for moe updates as the date of publication draws nigh.

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