The Defenders of China!

So as the date for the release of Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun approaches I shall be featuring each of the upcoming companies so you have an idea of what you are going to get.  Today it will be two of the Chinese companies…

The Brotherhood of the Serpent
‘Captain, you cannot save your crew, they are in the coils of the serpent now. However, you can save yourself. Open the door to your strong room and I shall set you ashore with a message for my father. Refuse and I’ll blow it in anyway and spend many a leisurely hour peeling the skin off you and salting your hide.’
The Queen of the Isles, aboard the RMS Venture in the Malacca Straits, 1895

Remember the Chinese pirates in the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, led by Captain Sao Feng? Now imagine these men in the IHMN setting in armed junks and able to summon sea serpents.

chinese pirates

The Chinese Imperial Army
‘There are times when my hand must be shrouded in the mists of deceit and my actions, especially if successful, attributed to others. Yet there are also times when my strength must be seen in the light of day. This, General, is your duty. You are my fist and my open intent.’
Letter to General Shiang from the Empress-Dowager, 1890

Despite the fragility of her reign the Empress-Dowager can still call upon her loyal soldiers to enact her will. These men have modern weapons but are backed up by the Court’s Sorcerers and their mythical beasts.


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