The Thugs & Dacoits return!!

‘The white devils have taken our land and our crops. They have enslaved our women and our children. They disrespect our culture and our gods. Shiva and Kali demand that we avenge this and our fallen brothers. We shall show the white devils why they fear the darkness…’

Samarbir Singh, the self-styled Tiger of Hyderabad, claims to have restored the curse of Thuggee to the subcontinent. The Thugs were thought extinct after the valiant efforts of Lt Col Sleeman in the 1830s and 40s but a spate of recent attacks on travellers and plantation owners would suggest that Samarbir Singh’s claims may be true.


In Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun we bring back the Thugs in all their gory glory. They include the Phansigars who mob their victims and throttle them with their yellow Rumal scarves.

There are also the terrifying priests of Kali who can literally tear the beating heart from your breast and show you it before you die.

Who can defend us from these terrible and elusive enemies?

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