The Thousand Ronin


‘The code of Bushido cannot be broken by the laws of lesser men. It is a divine duty placed upon the strong.’
Sensei Todura Mifune
Japan’s transition from Shogunate to Empire was bloody. Many of the old samurai clans fought to maintain the status quo – some because they wanted to retain their status, some because they feared change… and some because they actually valued Bushido, the way of the warrior, and wanted to preserve it.

As history records, the Imperial Japanese Army’s sheer numbers and firepower settled this matter decisively. Not all of the true adherents of Bushido were slain, however. The survivors scattered. Some were hunted down and captured or killed. Many chose to commit seppuku (ritual suicide).

A very few, though, went into hiding. These few – now known in popular Japanese culture as The Thousand Ronin – have continued the teaching of Bushido, some by living secretly among the population and others in hidden mountain fortresses.

You will find this company, alongside four other Japanese companies, in Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.


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