My Placement – Tharua Nittayanukul School!!

Rhiannon is getting more and more excited about her gap year. Still lots of fundraising to do, but it is starting to look very real.



I will be living in Tharua which is a small town with genuine charm, located in the ancient province of Ayuthaya. It is set amidst paddy fields and has a rural and relaxed air, despite its proximity to Bangkok. Although small, it has an impressive number of spectacular temples and a wooden old town area that is bustling with activity. In the evenings, the streets are taken over by the night market, which fills the air with the smell of fragrant cooking.


I will be working in a school with around 2000 students, and I will be teaching classes of around 30 students each. Most of the students will come from relatively poor farming backgrounds, and others from the families of the growing industries on the outskirts of the town. I will be a full member of the English department, but with specific responsibility for conversational English.


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