IHMN Gothic – a new supplement

“It is with regret that I must inform you that Father Gregor has been lost to the enemy. He was taken as he covered our withdrawal from the Citadel of Diablosk. You have my word that once we locate him he shall be despatched with all due ceremony and his soul returned to God.”

Absalom Curr, a letter to the Holy Cardinal, Vienna 1895


In the tradition of those famous Victorian periodicals such as The Strand, we shall be publishing an entirely original supplement for In Her Majesty’s Name over a period of three-four months. Each week shall see a new part of this endeavour released through this journal for your delectation in the form of a PDF and at no cost. At the end of the period we shall then publish the complete supplement as a single book.

The title of this volume shall be ‘IHMN Gothic’ and it will be an exploration of those eastern parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire where ancient horrors still plague its citizens and the future of all Europe may be decided. Dare you journey to the dark, forested fastness of the Carpathian Mountains and face powers that still regard men as both recent arrivals and livestock? Would you hazard your immortal soul on such a venture?

This weekend shall see the first part released so keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

The children of the night, how sweet the sound…

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