SDRS – Brumby’s Marauders

Another glimpse into what you will see in Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.


‘You employed us to remove resistance to your railroad in the Mekong Valley, Louis. You did not stipulate any terms or restrictions. The Temple was in a direct line between your railhead and the mines, so we eliminated two problems for the price of one. I suggest that you pay up immediately or my sister and her Valkyries will rain fire down on your compound in Biblical proportions.’
Jack Brumby negotiating with the French Ambassador to the Khmer court, 1895

Brumby’s Marauders is an Australian mercenary unit that has been hiring itself out to various Chinese warlords, Indian maharajahs, the Sultan of Brunei and even the Brotherhood of the Serpent. Led by Jack Brumby, a two-fisted former British Army sergeant, and his wild sister Kate, the unit uses its technological skills to give it a valuable edge that its customers love to exploit.
One of those technological edges are ornithopters. Kate leads a squadron of these, manned by young ‘ladies’ who her brother calls The Valkyries.

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