IHMN Gothic Part II

Behold Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the terror that stalks Carpathia. Prometheus unbound and his insane creator are at large! It’s alive! Alive I tell you!!

What can stop this lumbering menace? Why, are those the villagers banding together armed only with pitchforks and flaming torches? Perhaps we can be saved after all by the desperate courage of the common peasantry…


So the first two companies have now been published on the Gothic page. Baron Viktor von Frankenstein, the Creature and its unholy Bride, and not forgetting Igor, are available for you to terrorise the poor villagers once again.

The Baron should be careful though because the villagers of the Carpathian mountains are survivors of centuries of dealing with the fell beasts and monstrous undead that plague their regions. They are a hardy and suspicious folk well used to death and horror.

The two companies come equipped with new equipment and talents. You shall have to await the arrival of the Armoury before the true usefulness of these becomes apparent. Note that the cost of some of this new stuff may change slightly as the series progresses and playtesting shows its worth or otherwise. we shall notify you of such changes and the final version will have all these worked in.

There are ten more companies in the pipeline after these, so keep your eyes peeled…

7 thoughts on “IHMN Gothic Part II

  1. Excellent! At least you didn’t go with The Village People 😉 (Possibly scarier to some denizens, though!).

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