The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists

‘If it takes ten of our men to slay each westerner within our border then that is a price we can easily afford. Arm them with sticks and stones, cooking knives and spears, breathe the power of our ancestors into their lungs and they will be victorious.’
Attributed to the Empress-Dowager, 1892

Boxer 1

Better known in the West as the Boxers, this is a popular movement, secretly encouraged by the agents of the Empress-Dowager, who see the Western Powers as a corrupting and destructive influence on China. Radicalised young men and women have emerged, especially in the great cities, who are willing to give their lives to free China from the evils brought upon them by such organisations as the East India Company.


This company includes The Lion and his elite bodyguard, the Sorcerer Lo Fan (reputed to be the father of the Dragon lady), Boxers, Dragon Warriors, and Imperial Army soldiers in disguise.

The Boxers can also take the primitive yet effective Snail Walker.

News from Osprey

The release date for SDRS is still 20th June in the UK and 17th June in the US. They will be going out to stockists before then, and will thus no doubt be available a week or so in advance of those dates!


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