The Royal Navy intervenes…

Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun introduces us to the Royal Navy’s River Flotillas and their ferocious landing parties. The Ganges, the Yangtze, the Yellow River, the Brahmaputra and the Irrawaddy have all experienced the firepower of the Navy’s answer to diplomacy.

In addition to the Landing Party company, SDRS brings new weapons to the fight.

The Harland & Wolff TYPE 1A Gunboat
This is a shallow-draft vessel, usually drawing only six feet or less. It is fast with a powerful oil-fired steam engine and is lightly armoured. This makes it much more manoeuvrable than the sailing vessels it often hunts.  Standard equipment includes a Vickers machine gun on the foredeck and two fixed Congreve Rocket Guns (one to port, one to starboard), which are included in the cost given in the table. The crew consists of three officers and 21 other ranks. These are often used to form landing parties.

Colonial Gunboat 5

The lovely example of this sort of gunboat shown above cane be seen in more detail here:

The Nock Gun.

A Nock Gun is a seven-barrelled muzzle-loading weapon which fires pistol bullets.


Although fairly short-ranged, its tremendous firepower causes shock and awe in its victims. It was originally used by the Royal Navy in the 18th century and, although no longer in official service, has remained a popular weapon with those who both appreciate its effect and have the strength to fire it without breaking their shoulders.

It is a standard boarding weapon on the Royal Navy’s River Flotillas.

5 thoughts on “The Royal Navy intervenes…

    • There are some simple rules for boarding actions in the Landscapes section of SDRS. As this is a small scale skirmish game the only rules for airships or dirigibles are in the original rulebook, section 10.16, The Hindenburg.

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