How to Play / Battle Report

A splendid chap called Vivek Chandra has produced an excellent YouTube video showing him playing out a scenario between the Servants of Ra and Scotland Yard. This really is worth watching, especially if you are not yet familiar with the rules.

He makes one small mistake and that is rolling an unmodified 10 when shooting or fighting is not an automatic hit.

Other than that the clarity of the action and narration makes this a video I wish we’d had back when we first launched IHMN.

3 thoughts on “How to Play / Battle Report

  1. Thanks for sharing Craig, I greatly appreciate it … and congratulations on a fun and enjoyable game. If you need someone to film some intro or how to vids for other games, I wouldn’t say no to any rule books you want to send me 😀 The cheek of this man, crickey! Thanks again.

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