Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun – the complete list of companies…

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to provide you with a complete list of the companies in SDRS. In addition to this are many new and marvellous weapons, walkers, weird artefacts, fantastic beasts, exotic landscapes and dangerous scenario complications


Indian Army Company [The largest and most diverse army in the world]

The Shangri-La Fusiliers [aka The Indian Extraordinary Force, a band of brilliant misfits]

Monks of the Star Gods [What terrifying secret do these Himalayan monks protect with their ancient magic and invincible yetis?]

Pathan Tribesmen [Political tools of the Russians in the Great Game, the Pathan tribes are fierce and cunning]

Thugees & Dacoits [The restored cult of Kali gnaws at the gut of British India. Its men are fanatical devotees of a most terrible mistress]

The Tipoo Sultan [As mad as his ancestor, but with all his terrifying ingenuity. Anyone for Brass Steam Elephants?]


The Society for Righteous Harmony [The Boxers are in revolt against western interference in China. Few can match their fanatical zeal]

Martial Monks [Another enemy of the westerners, though there is a new foe they must combat with their advanced martial skills – Q’in]

Brotherhood of the Serpent [The South China Sea is infested with pirates and none are so feared as the Brotherhood]

Warlord Army [China is falling apart and many Generals have decided to cut themselves a piece of it with a bloody knife]

Chinese Imperial Army [The last of the brave and loyal troops of the Dowager Empress fights on against insuperable odds]

Q’in [An emperor reborn intends to reclaim China using an army dead for over two thousand years]


The Kempeitai  [Japanese Military Intelligence – they are clever and ruthless in pursuit of their nation’s imperial aims]

The 1000 Ronin [Not all Samurai surrendered or died in the Meiji Restoration. Some cling to their original beliefs and practices]

The Yakuza [Growing stronger in Japan and now internationally, this unique crime syndicate is coming into its own]

Ninja Clan [Once thought all but dead, the politics of the age have restored the need for these master spies and assassins]

Imperial Japanese Army [The loyal sons of the Emperor have more to do than just conquer. Their Kyoto company is based on Britain’s Prince of Wales Extraordinary company]

Western Powers

Royal Navy Landing Party [The strong right arm of the British Empire, bringing its might to bear along coasts and up the great rivers of the Orient]

The East India Company [The most sinister and powerful trading house in the world. The true face of unfettered free market capitalism]

Kaiserliche Marine Suppression Squad [Germany’s colonial ambitions in China are served by this brutal battalion. Considered even more cruel than the Warlords]

Brumby’s Marauders [Australian mercenaries capable of raining hell down upon all they face]

Russian Expeditionary Force [An unauthorised, yet successful, foray into Manchuria by the ambitious great grandson of a national hero]

American Traders [Where there’s a buck to be made there are always loud and uncouth Americans, selling their own brand of capitalism from the end of smoking colt .45]

Lord Curr’s Expedition [Is there nowhere on the planet safe from this maverick and his men?

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