IHMN Gothic IV – Furry Madness

This week we introduce you to some of the more bestial inhabitants of the region.

The first are the Carpathian Gypsies. Ancient, wise and terrible when raised to anger. They are protected by their Barghests and their eldritch powers.


The second are the Werewolves, ‘victims’ of a Gypsy curse and condemned to wander for eternity until they can earn forgiveness for their misdeeds.


These can now be found in the IHMN Gothic page.

5 thoughts on “IHMN Gothic IV – Furry Madness

  1. Well Done, Craig, I can’t wait no more for a game with those compagnies and my old models, what about the news talents ???? Yes, I’m a little bit impatient

  2. what a success old fellow, I feel like a wolf smelling fresh meat, and it’s the full moon , sooner or later, i’ll howl to the moon

  3. I like the addition of the werewolves as I have an old Ral Partha model of one that I’ve been wanting to use for years:).

  4. I am surprised that no-one has asked for the details of the Gypsy’s Curse yet?
    It is a mystical power that can be used in any phase and has a range of 6″.
    Whenever the figure needs to roll a d10 roll two and take the worst result.
    The target gets a Pluck Roll to save against it when it is cast upon them and if they fail it lasts until the end of the game. It costs 10 points.

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