Onwards and upwards!

SDRS Cover

Well, Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun was officially released in the USA yesterday and for the rest of the world it launches on Friday. The last chapter in two years of non-stop work with Osprey.
Many of you will have just received your pre-ordered copies, or shall get them in the next few days. We’d love to hear your views on this new supplement here, on the Lead Adventure IHMN forum or on one of the Facebook groups.
Although we shall not be publishing any more IHMN material through Osprey there is so much more to come on the blog and though other avenues. For example, as many of you know we are currently publishing an entire supplement, IHMN Gothic, in thirteen free instalments here on the blog.
We are also looking at publishing genre packs to allow you to use the IHMN core rules in a wide range of genres/periods.
Additionally Daishō, a variant of IHMN set in a mystical, medieval Japan, is in the midst of being written with the objective of being published professionally at the end of this year.
So, please enjoy SDRS in the sure and certain knowledge that this is just the beginning of a long-lasting friendship.

2 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards!

  1. If you were to get IHMN Gothic printed, I should like a copy, could you have it done in the same form as the original 3 so they match on the shelf? Picky, I know!

    • We have been asked by quite a few people now to consider doing a limited print run of the finished article. So we are looking at a number of options.
      We may not be able to mimic Osprey’s layout as that is no doubt copyrighted.

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