And so it goes…

And the weekend rolls around again. It is amazing how fast that happens when you have a weekly deadline.
So, onto news from IHMN Headquarters in Der Adler Schloss…

Well as you may have noticed Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun was launched this week. We are starting to get feedback from people who pre-ordered and this seems to be universally positive except for one thing, the illustrations.
As you know IHMN was chock full of gorgeous pictures courtesy of Messrs Eyre and Dallimore, and the book weighed in at 64 pages and roughly 25,000 words.
HVF had no internal pictures whatsoever, but came in at 27,500 words. So it had three more companies than originally planned. Some people bemoaned the lack of artwork but accepted the fact that they were getting more bang for their buck/pound/rupee etc.
SDRS has a few monochrome illustrations, but with the excellent layout skills of the Osprey editing team it weighs in at a whopping 30,000 words or thereabouts. That is 20% more material than IHMN, in the same number of pages and for the same price – a bargain gentlemen, if I ever saw one.

In compensation here is our good mate Dean Richards interpretation of the Political Commissar from the Brick Lane Anarchists:

IHMN Gothic continues apace. This week shall see the company many have been waiting for, The Noble Vampire, and their most dangerous enemies The Bringers of Salvation – aka Cognoscenti special forces (I hope that you have some armed Nun figures handy 🙂

Daisho is coming along nicely. Charles is concentrating on getting the core rules right and I am filling out a few of the Buntai. You may have seen the brilliant Benkei figure that our friend Duncan Louca sculpted for us, if not get over to the Daisho blog pronto and prepare to be amazed.
I expect that we will be playtesting the game by August, so that will be fun 🙂

Beside all of the above we are both tinkering with various secret side-projects. Creativity is more like a scattergun than a sniper rifle and we often find ourselves wandering down dimly-lit alleyways when we should be out on the main road laying more cobbles…

1 thought on “And so it goes…

  1. Although I like pictures in rules, personally in something like this I’d rather have the content. I am reminded of the Foundry Tribes of Legend rules which were all pictures and about 16 pages of actual rules.

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