IHMN Gothic – Part V Companies

“You both amuse and weary me with all your quests and scurrying about my lands. I shall no longer wait for you to reveal your purpose but instead take the hunt to you. Perhaps you shall be quieter as my thralls.”
Countess Lisabet Maria Bathory

And so we come to the true power in the eastern lands, her servants and her most implacable foes.

In this week’s instalment we meet the Order of the Bringers of Salvation, a branch of the Cognoscenti in which the Pure lead the Damned into the fight for the souls of the people of Carpathia and Transylvania. They do so in full knowledge of what they face and that to do so they just hazard their immortal souls.
Arrayed against them are the Countess’ elite nobles, each given the gift of immortality and a range of vile and powerful servants.
Who shall win this battle none can know, but what is sure is that the fate of the Empire may well hang upon it.

4 thoughts on “IHMN Gothic – Part V Companies

  1. Nice job, one thing, maybe difficult to find models with crossbow for retainers and so one, may we equip them with shotgun ?

  2. A Noble Vampire’s Retainers are already armed with Shotguns (?). Do you mean The Damned?
    If so I suggest you read IHMN Page 7, The Power of Rules 🙂

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