All good things come unto their ends…


Well Penny Dreadful finally reached its climax and I am mostly not disappointed. All the characters arrived at a point in their development that leaves questions unanswered and plot openings for the next series. However, the current plot arc was satisfied. It was certainly better produced and directed than Dracula, and held its own against Ripper Street.

It has been an excellent series overall with much to compliment including the tight scripts, superb acting, moody sets, and accurate representations of some of the darker sides of London in the late Victorian era.

Highlights for me, from the point of view of IHMN, included the Explorer’s Club, Lord Murray’s study with all of its maps and exploring equipment, the C96 broom-handled Mauser pistol (I actually squeaked when I saw the box!), Dorian Gray’s house, the dockland tavern, the Theatre and a dozen other sets.

Ethan’s reveal at the end of the last episode was superb, though many of us had predicted it. But most of all Eva Green’s mesmerising performance as Miss Vanessa Ives, at the heart of the whole series, was utterly without precedent..

Disappointments include the relative ease with which the head Vampire was despatched. I expected more of a fight honestly. The unnecessary death of Abraham Van Helsing, a man who could have proved a useful occasional character in later series. The lack of character development for Lord Murray’s tribal manservant.

All we need now is the Hellfire Club, and perhaps Lord Curr, and it will be perfect.

5 thoughts on “All good things come unto their ends…

  1. This has been a superb series, and looking forward to the next. Eva Green is always superb (although often shining in otherwise rubbish productions), and she was the highlight for me. Certainly was better than Dracula (which I liked) and Ripper Street (which I didn’t). The “head” vampire was obviously set up to draw the team into the theatre, give them a false victory and lead to a re-union between Mina, Vanessa & Murray which would enable Vanessa to be captured alive, so I think that he was expecting to die? Lots of plot hooks for next time, including the unexplored depths of Sembene… Great stuff, and inspirational for IHMN and other steampunk projects. Three cheers! πŸ˜‰

  2. I thought the previous possessed episode was very tiresome but I do not like that sort of thing in films. The servant with the tribal scarring is a very practical man, he sees clearly what must be done and does it, not worrying about any lesser considerations.
    Anything is improved by having a C/96 in it.

  3. Has anyone yet done the math for a Lord Malcolm company? I think the hard part would be getting Ms Ives special abilities correct. I think the others would all play to type.

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