One of our new Spanish friends, Victor Tejada Hernandez, has started a blog covering the introduction of the new Spanish edition of IHMN to his friends.
As you can see from the pictures below they really have got into creating some great terrain and miniatures.

IHMN Spain 1 IHMN Spain 2
We shall have to create some Spanish companies in the near future.

You can find this blog here: http://ihmnvic.blogspot.com.es/

6 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. very nice figures and amazing terrain. Can anybody tell me where to get sections of pavement featured in the photos?

  2. Great terrain and figures. Spanish adventuring companies such as The New Inquisition? The Successors of El Cid, protectors of Spain, maybe Knights of Alcantara or Calatrava? The Re-Reconquista (the Moors are back!)? Yes, please!

      • Of course. But this is a game of fiction, fantasy and imagination, as well as “real” history. Imagine a time when the Moors are working in the shadows to undermine a Catholic Spain and bring back the glory of their Iberian empire. Meanwhile, they are opposed by a new Inquisition, more open to technology in the advancement of their faith, as well as the descendants of El Cid, who have been fighting for generations to protect the citizens of Spain from the dangers of which they are unaware. In fact, even within the Inquisition you can have several branches – some perhaps more conservative than others – battling among themselves for supremacy.
        Ultimately, of course, it’s your game (as it is mine) and you can go in any direction you wish. That, to me, is the beauty of it.

  3. Thank you very much for the input, the visits to my blog have grown exponentially!.

    The truth is that the vast range of possibilities for the game has me hooked. My gaming group has fallen (as always we start with a new game) and we’re all going bands and organizing like crazy (and I have a painted and another on the way).

    Regarding the paved surface, I think it’s a case of Flames of War. The city is designed for another game (one of zombies created by my good friend Borja de Pablo), although the idea is to get a special play mat cobblestone houses of the time (and I have to 4ground and microarts).

    Regarding the Spanish bands, has already said my friend Aldaiur. That time was very lively in Spain and hits a band of Carlists, anarchists, monarchists or republicans. To choose. The truth is I do not see a company of descendants of the Cid, as I see one of knights of the round table, but the great thing about this game is that everyone chooses their background.


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