Across the Dead Earth!


In times past people have often asked me why we have not produced a post-apocalypse version of IHMN. My answer has always been the same and that is that an excellent British game is already being written to cover that genre in the same scale as IHMN.

Well folks, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, it is now available as a 90 page soft-cover and is even better than I expected. ‘Across the Dead Earth’ by Rich Chappell is a game written by a gamer for gamers, and produced to a professional standard you’d expect of games companies not just one chap and his friends.

The system is comparable to IHMN in that it is a doddle to pick up and play, the scale is a one man equals one figure, it has a deep and interesting narrative and, unlike many post-apocalypse games, it is set in the UK.

Although the rules are simple the range of tactical options you can take remind me of the better SF video games. It comes with a fully detailed initial set of gangs which are supported by a lovely range of figures. However, it also allows you to design your own with a points system covering all the options in the book.

You can buy the book here for just £15 (paper) or £5 (PDF) here:

I commend this book to the IHMN community.

3 thoughts on “Across the Dead Earth!

  1. I really like the look of this and am going to pick it up. Although I also don’t see why you can’t use IHMN to game Post-Apocalyptic settings if you want. I do. With the points system laid out so neatly it’s easy to work out profiles for any characters and weapons you need.

  2. You could indeed use IHMN for a Post-Apoc setting. However, in Across the Dead Earth you have a well-thought through setting and lots of excellent ideas all tied to a simple tactical system.

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