Genre packs

IHMN Gothic is close now to completion so our minds turn to what next we can produce for you.
We have discussed the idea of genre packs with you before. This is very short supplement that gives you all the rules and tables you need to adapt the IHMN core rules to a different genre. In essence you would get; an introduction to the genre; an armoury of suitable armour, weapons and equipment; a bestiary if required; a range of suitable talents and powers; advice on landscapes, and; some new scenarios and complications.
We already have some ideas written up for a few specific genre packs and would like to know which you would like to see first.

13 thoughts on “Genre packs

  1. I voted for the 17th century swashbuckling pack, but really want a 17th century horror/witch finder general rule set, just in case the swashbuckling pack can be expanded a bit.


  2. Why do we only get a single choice? :p
    I like Thud and Blunder so I voted that. But the Hard SF sounds good too, as does Pulp or more fantastic Sci fi, something cthuluesque would be nice too…

  3. Pulp is what I would like to see but if that is not possible then condominion or thud and blunder. I am not at all interested in the other two to be honest.

  4. How about 18th -early 19th century America? Roughly the French and Indian War through the southern Indian wars. But the rules would cover the entire conflict to win the American continent east of the Mississippi, throwing in, of course, a significant dose of the supernatural/horror/occult. The amount of colorful characters to form Companies, historical and fictional, is astounding. For practical purposes, you could focus on one conflict, or expand it, say, to the French/Indian attacks in the 1740s (which preceded the French and Indian war) through the first Seminole war (which ended in 1818). Call it IHMN: Woodland Empire.

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