The Great Martian Invasion 1899

Just in case you were wondering what you shall get in Issue 76 of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy, here are some of the photos that didn’t make it into the magazine.

In the first a band of Dirigible troops ambush a Martian Patrol Tripod near a bridge in Nijmegen. Note that two of the brave Dutch chaps are using a Congreve Rocket Gun, affectionately known as a ‘Tripod Buster’ and an Arc Rifle. The officer (our records indicate he may be Captain Oorthuys) has a C96 Mauser Machine Pistol and is supported by two chaps with rifles to take on the ground troops.

Martian 2

In the second picture we have some plucky Tyroleans being waylaid by a Martian patrol with supporting Tripod. Although we are not entirely familiar with their German weapons the leading chap seems to have some sort of drum-fed sub-machine gun.


Martian 3

The Martians are carrying heat ray rifles, so they are standard patrol. If they had been slavers they would have had sonic weaponry.



2 thoughts on “The Great Martian Invasion 1899

  1. What historical era is this game set in as I thought it might be later than the original story? Eventually I am going to do this in 54mm scale.

    • The game, as written, covers the late Victorian period and can easily be used for the Edwardian period that followed it.
      The Great Martian Invasion 1899 is an optional addition to the core rules allowing players, many of whom have been asking for this, to get stuck into a bit of Martian fighting.
      Personally, I think the game would work really well in 54mm though you might need to tinker with the ranges of weapons and mystical powers. If you do create IHMN in 54mm let us know how it works out.

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