A report from Mrs Miggins

So my dears, here’s this periodical called, now let me get me spec’s on, oh yes, Wargames Soldiers & Strategy, and it’s got fourteen pages of articles on In Her Majesty’s Name. Fourteen I tell you, no word of a lie.
There’s a fantastical piece by some geezer’s called Murton & Cartmell, sound like undertakers t’me, but never no mind. They’s going on about Mr Wells’ lovely book about them martian fellers wiv all the tentaculars and fings. Apparently you can extra stuff about this on the intertelegraphic network at http://www.wssmagazine.com/wss76_extra. Sounds a bit dodgy to me all round.
Then there this Sam Catteral, sounds like a nice London boy to me, anyways he’s done a piece about hunting Bloody Jack and others in our own dear Whitechapel. gave me all sorts of chills that one. I won’t be going out after dark for awhile I can tell yer.
And finally some Irishman called Eoghan (don’t ask me how to pronounce that my dears, I’m no Navvie) Kelly is going on about that terrible siege in Peking where them ungrateful chinese tried to kick out all our nice boys and their European mates. Its got maps and everyfing.
So? What yer waitin’ for. It’ll only be on the newsstands fer a bit as it’s selling like Mrs Miggin’s hot pies it is.

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