Beasts of War 2014 Gaming Awards

Well good people, tonight we find out if IHMN has made it into the final four.

We’re up  against Malifaux, Wolsung SSG, Shadows over Brimstone, Dystopian Wars, DUST (Tactics & Battlefield), Mars Attacks, Wild West Exodus, Zombicide, Achtung Cthulhu! and Carnevale.  That is an impressive field indeed, and even to place in the final four would be an enormous achievement for us, the plucky underdogs.

The show is at 6pm tonight here:

Then the awards are made to the select few tomorrow at the same time.


1 thought on “Beasts of War 2014 Gaming Awards

  1. Fingers crossed! In any event IHMN has clearly made a significant impact on the gaming community and you should be very proud of your creation!

    I look at figures differently now – if I see a dozen figs in a new range, where I might have dismissed it previously I now think ‘Ohh…that would make a nice IHMN Company”

    Thank you for all the fun

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