IHMN Gothic – the way forwards

Ladies and Gentlemen

A momentous decision faces us all, one that could change the course of history. Am I being overly dramatic? Possibly.

IHMN Gothic has proven to be very popular with the players of IHMN and we would be interested to know just how many of you would support its expansion into a full-sized supplement and, almost as importantly, in what format.

The currently published material is about 15,000 words, so to publish it as a complete supplement we would have to create more material to bring it up to at least 25,000 words.

We have ideas for this including; more weird science; a much larger bestiary to include a wide range of western and gothic monsters; adding a number of companies and beasts inspired by the work of such writers as H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Aston-Smith, and; a Campaign section with a number of fully documented campaigns for you to play through. It almost goes without saying that there would also be a backwards compatibility section so all your current companies could enjoy this new material.

Now there are a range of formats we could adopt for this, all of which would require you to shell out some of your hard-earned cash. These include;

  1. PDF only, sold from a website.
  2. Print-on-demand through Lulu or Amazon.
  3. Full colour softback book sold through a wargames company.

It should be noted that we would be financing this ourselves, so we would like to be sure that you are interested in this project. So please make your interest known in the poll below.

Which would you buy (tick all that apply):

Note that if we go down this road all the current Gothic material would remain free on the blog until such time as we publish the supplement.

15 thoughts on “IHMN Gothic – the way forwards

  1. Unfortunately can only tick one box – I voted for PoD as it is likely to be the best economic option for yourselves, but either that or softback book. Only download pdfs in desperation as I hate reading from a screen! 😉

  2. Voted for games company but would be happy with the print on demand book if that turns out to be the best option for getting it into print

  3. As above, you can only vote for one so I voted for full colour softback as that is what I would prefer but I would happily settle for POD. Also not much of a fan of PDFs…I would have to print it out.

  4. With only one click, I’d rather a supplement that looks like the trilogy already published. Second choice is a pdf. Have ink, won’t have wait for someone else to do the same thing, basically.

  5. I would hope that the current publisher of all the rules thus far would take the project so it would match all volumes thus far. If not I hope it would be published by a company easy for we yanks to get a hold of.

  6. I’ve never bought a PoD book from anyone, so I don’t know about the quality of those. But I would buy it either way, whether PoD or from a wargames publisher. I’d also buy the PDF. Not instead of, but in addition to, as I have with all the previous books.

  7. ok i only read the first two paragraphs then jumped down to submit my vote for full color softback. Then went back to read what it`ll be all about. i`m all in for anything IHMN. Seriously. More northstar miniatures from the second and third books please!

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