IHMN Gothic news and an exclusive offer!

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have decided to publish a full printed version of IHMN Gothic.

We have about 10,000 words of new material to write during the spring so it will probably be out in the late summer/early autumn with luck and a fair wind. The public vote cannot be denied!

The one thing we do not have is eye-candy in the form of good photos of gothic games and troops. So we are making you all an offer.

If you have suitable photographs you’d like to share let us know. If we do choose one or more of your photos and include them in the book we shall reward you with a free copy of the book signed by both of us, and a full credit for your contribution in the acknowledgements.

The photos must be in keeping with the theme of the book and be at full size and with good clarity. They must be your own and not published elsewhere before.

Note that the copyright of any photos we use shall remain with you.

Please contact me at craigcartmell@yahoo.com and make the title of the email Gothic Photos.

9 thoughts on “IHMN Gothic news and an exclusive offer!

  1. Okay , excellent news! Time to get out the minis and work on some photos. Do you have anything specific in mind or shall I just let my gothic imagination run wild?
    Can the pictures feature other company minis or just Northstar?

  2. Hi there, Craig! Is there any deadline for sending you our pictures? I have been painting tooths and claws for two months and have my werewolves and Bringers of salvation companies almost finished.

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