Upcoming American events!

IHMN at The Williamsburg Muster, February 6th, 1pm:
“The Amulet, the Baron, and the Selenites
The Amulet of Isis, recently uncovered in Egypt, has now arrived in England and is en route to the British Museum.

  • The shadowy Servants of Ra are sure to want it, and Alan Quartermain’s Companions are hot on their trail.
  • Jack the Ripper has continued his bloody career, recently claiming his sixth victim.
  • London Zoo has reported the theft of three adult bears from their collection. Strange cloaked figures were seen nearby.
  • A ship has arrived from Eastern Europe, several of the crew murdered in a bloody fashion.
  • Professor Cavor, the First Man In the Moon has returned with some mysterious companions.

Up to six Companies with different goals compete in this excellent VSF skirmish game.

In the great city of Houston, Texas, on February 7th, at 8:00 pm local time, at Rice University’s OwlCon game convention,

The Houston Beer and Pretzel Wargaming hosts its “Treasure of Wubakhamun”, where the Conservators of the British Museum and the Boer Commandos race towards the Elbonian tomb of Wubakhamun, as the Servants of Ra try and stop them and the local Yahu (ne Zulu) warriors attempt to kill all foreigners.

We’re prepared to throw in Lord Curr and one other Adventuring Company to accommodate six, should that be the Queen’s desire.

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