Wargames Illustrated’s IHMN Event

Just passing on some information from Col. Bollands:

Here at WI, we love sharing the hobby with our readers. Our most recent ‘Lion Rampant Day’ was not only very successful but also a whole lot of fun! In fact, plans are in progress for our next event, as detailed below:

Saturday 27 June 2015, WIHQ Nottingham – In Her Majesty’s Name Day, where up to 24 players bring along an Adventuring Company based upon any of those in the rulebook and supplements, then declare themselves either as Dastardly Villians or Stalwart Heroes in a race against time to ‘Save Her Majesty’ (Gawd Bless ‘Er!).

To register your interest, email us at letters@wargamesillustrated.net

I shall be attending this, as may Charles, and we will be bringing the IHMN Boardgame and Daisho with us.  So who’s up for some ungentlemanly warfare?

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