Heroes and Villains at Hammerhead

On this fine and upcoming weekend takes place the Hammerhead Show at its new venue on the Newark Showground in Lincolnshire. For those who are unfamiliar with its basic concept, the show is play orientated, only allowing Participation Games in the American style. There will also be around 35+ Traders including Ainsty, Warlord, Prodos amongst them. Oh, yes and they also do a giveaway figure…

You can get more details from

The GCN (Games Club Network) will be taking its newest take on IHMN, Heroes and Villains. These are 1 on 1 games fought over 2′ x 2′ boards with 100 point demi-companies using a number of scenarios, some modified from the books, some new ones. Play tests have proved to be very quick and very bloody!

The available Companies are split into two factions, Villains (Evil) and Heroes (Mostly Goodish). Included amongst them so far are the Cirque de Tenebrae, Captain Kennedy’s Marines, the Voodoo Blood Cult (Red Sect) and the Brides of Dracula (Noble Vampire)…

5 thoughts on “Heroes and Villains at Hammerhead

    • I have this direct from the organisers:
      We have already prepared lists and figures. All anybody needs to do is turn up!
      Creating 100 point Demi-Companies has proved interesting. Essentially, you are removing the big hitters like Alan Quatermain and Akhenaton (who at nearly 100 points each form their own Demi-Companies) and using mainly henchman. For example the Guardians of the Tomb (Ra) consists of one Nubian as overseer and two Mummified Priests, while the NWMP Snatch Squad has one Sergeant, two Mounties and an Indian Scout. In the case of the Vampire Brides there are three Brides. To make them fit 100 points, we kept their Horror and Leadership abilities and stripped away everything else, though one was allowed to have ‘Mesmerism’. The majority of Demi-Companies have 4 Combatants.
      The Scenarios are all goal driven (no extra points for killing the enemy) and so far have all played in under half an hour. Because there is a maximum of 6 turns, players who take their eye off the goals and go for the scrap can lose very quickly. To prevent any unfair advantage to a firing line, Sides deploy in their chosen zone and the first turn consists of a movement phase only with no Mystic Powers or Shooting allowed.
      We use 2 x 2 boards with at least four pieces of scenery (i.e. 4 buildings) to break up charges and LOS.
      When we have the full boards out with all the terrain on Saturday, I’ll take some photos.
      Oh yes, and I have created a Demi-Company of One for Akhenaton just to see how he plays!

      • Oh, I’d love to just show up and check it out in person, but as the trans-Atlantic flight would be a bit pricey at this date, I was just wondering what they came up with. The above is pretty informative, however.

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