Something clanky this way comes…

Chaps & Chapettes,

Other than the excellent civilian walker created by the mechanics at North Star there haven’t been a lot of walkers suitable for IHMN. Sure you could use Malifaux and a few other brands and, although they are excellent, in my mind they don’t really capture the rivets and stream dynamic of 19th-century VSF.

Until now….

10468068_241801326029031_6172602189534463627_n SM004__84124.1413401812.220.220

We know the chap behind Shadow Miniatures from his more fantastical projects, but did not realise that he had branched out into ‘heavy metal’.

What is even more extraordinary is the price you can secure one of these beauties for. Would you believe that a crisp tenner will gain you the assistance of this hymn to pain?

Trot over here and have a gander:

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