A Penny Dreadful Competition

A little friendly competition for you. As the most excellent second series of Penny Dreadful progresses it would be entertaining to see a miniature representation of the cast.

A few simple rules methinks:
1. Any scale is fine, but the figures must be both painted and based.
2. We are looking for an accurate representation rather than a beautiful paint job.
3. The judging shall be purely subjective by Lord Charles and myself.
4. You have from now until the end of July, or earlier if everyone agrees.
5. Photographs of your entire cast together should be posted on the Lead Adventure IHMN Penny Dreadful thread (http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=79153.new#new), no individual figure photos.
6. You are all free to swap ideas on figures etc.
7. The figures must include as a minimum Miss Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray, Sembene, Ethan Chandler and Victor Frankenstein. You may add to this, if you so wish, the Creature, Lily, Dorian Gray, Madame Kali and Ferdinand Lyle.

The set we like the most shall receive a signed copy of whichever one of our rulebooks you would like, including Daisho, and Gothic (if you are prepared to wait).

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