IHMN Campaign Day

Here are a few photos of yesterday’s IHMN Event at Wargames Illustrated HQ in Nottingham, UK.
All the terrain and hundreds of civilians and their vehicles were provided by Shaun Mclaughlin and his comrade-in-arms Terry.

2015-06-27 09.13.15

Wayne Bollands, of Wargames Illustrated, provided an intriguing three-part campaign across the day which culminated with a massive 12 player finale on a huge London City Board.

2015-06-27 14.26.17

The day was enjoyed immensely by all and we got to put faces to quite a few people who have contributed here, on the IHMN blog and the Lead Adventure IHMN forum. Not least the ingenious Silibuster, whose writings entertain us all every week πŸ™‚
Danny of WI took lots of excellent photos which I expect we shall see in their blog and magazine in due time.

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