What is missing from IHMN Gothic?

As many of you know by now Charles and my objectives for the coming twelve months are to complete and publish:
1. Blood Eagle: skirmish wargaming in the legendary Dark Ages, and
2. IHMN Gothic: the third unique supplement for our original milieu,
in that order.

Gothic will include all the elements you currently see in the free section on the blog (https://inhermajestysname.wordpress.com/ihmn-gothic/). This comes to about 25,000 words and the book will need at least 40,000 words as it will be the same size and format as Daishō.

Now we have already covered a wide range of gothic companies, beasts and equipment, yet we are not going to be the sole arbiters of content for Gothic. Is there anything you think that we have missed, which you would like to see covered in our own inimitable style?

Note that we are not asking for fully-worked up examples with lists and points, more a number of concepts and elements. So take a look at what we have produced so far and take into account that IHMN Gothic is presently a European and mostly [u]not[/u] anglo-centric book.

Any ideas we use shall be credited to the originator and will get their name in the acknowledgements in the book.

38 thoughts on “What is missing from IHMN Gothic?

  1. I think a section covering The Americas and the Caribbean. I imagine Southern Gentlemen down Louisana Bayou way dealing with Vodoo, witch doctors and Zombies.

  2. What about a bedlam style institution complete with sadistic doctors, madmen and anything else you could think of?

  3. Hmmm. Something in the way of ghost hunters, those who go into the creepy haunted house late at night, investigate what’s in there, get the crap scared out of them, and sort out the mystery? Either a team of young people with their darned dog, or maybe a couple of secret agents of the crown, one believer and one a tough-as-nails scientist, or even a team of ne’er-do-wells with unlicensed aether packs?

  4. Yes The marriage of more science yet with a darker tone! Lunatics are always good! Island of Dr Moreau style perhaps? I have another idea but I think it is a little off subject for the feeling of IHMN…possibly a scenario that brings the company into a “crypt style” environment. I know it is dangerously close to RPG but evil crypts of some vampire lord complete with traps? I know It’s way out there but when I think of some of the greatest writers like Poe for instance. He brought that underground feel to his style of horror!

  5. Off the top of my head for the Americas North America would see a Native American company that uses “darker forces”lead by a coven of Bruja with access to drugged up/zombified/ spirit warriors, skinwalkers, wendigo or even Akhlut ( it’s a Inuit monster part wolf, part killer whale) counter that maybe a special U.S. Marshal section.
    Another would be a immortally questing New Orleans gentleman or lady or couple, again access to dark powers of course zombies maybe some form of ju-ju men
    And of course New England would get a witches coven, maybe a deep one like cult

    South and Central America would see a El dorado based company, thinking a mix of undying Mayan Mystics, shape-shifting Aztec warriors, cursed conquistadors, living gold monsters
    Further south you get your island of Dr Moreau type, hidden in the jungle creating your human-animal/human-plant/human-dinosaur hybrids sending them out to acquire subjects, supplies, his mail

    For Africa I was thinking, the leopard men cult. The Congo would gain a renegade Belgian turned sorcerer cannibal looking for heart of the Congo. In the ruined city at heart of the Congo is a company of ape human hybrids lead by sorcerer queen who uses be-witched treasure-hunters, explorers as her inner guard, balance it out with monster hunting Masai

    North Africa, rather Egypt would gain ancient Egyptian, though this time they would be still undead a mummy. However, this one would solely be to counter the plans of Akhenaton. Maybe a scorned Nefertiti. or a high priest or a pharaoh raised by Akhenaton. Either would give access to different allies from undead retainers, human archeologists or more mystical things

    Asia is tricky since you’ve already done companies with access to the well known Asian mystical creatures. You could create a new thong sub-faction using opium based magic, creating monsters from the smoke and using powers of the mind

    Europe would gain a spiritualist society with members able summon ghosts to fight for them, London would gain cannibal-mutants company living in the underground fighting a war against the factories that mutated them, and a mad-scientists types who believe human-machine hybrids are mankind future

      • Thank you sir, I was worried about it being a bit over the top, in fact I had to stop myself for adding more πŸ™‚

      • This is the British Empire man, we do not recognise ‘over the top’ and scoff at the very idea of ‘enough’.

  6. What about a race of rat/mole men Morlocks who live underground and have started attacking London under cover of dark after being disturbed by the digging of the London Underground and Sewer Network, determined to lay waste to the surface dwellers! Maybe some sort of rules for them to appear from tunnels or have good night vision, but be relatively weak individually. Maybe some sort of tunneling machine or creature?

      • Possibly. Or be trying to spread disease using wither mad science or dark magic – infecting water reservoirs and such. IHMN gains an explanation for the Cholera and Typhus outbreaks?

      • That is a really cool idea! I am always afraid of going to magical or fantastic but personally for me at least Gothic screams weird science and dark magics! Oh ya and some awesome architecture

      • Well IHMN already has a mystical twist to it, though it is mostly based on what the people of the period believed what was possible.
        Gothic does allow us to tap into that dark reservoir that runs underneath polite society.

  7. What about the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and some delightful French folk? Or something to do with gargoyles, or the Golem of Prague and some devoted Jewish chaps?
    While I don’t naturally think of zombies when I think gothic horror, it would fit with things like “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”!
    Ghosts of some kind would also be a great inclusion – so many great gothic horror stories dealing with ghosts! Which also makes me think of Mask of the Red Death – what a great villain to set upon the world…

    • Also on the matter of witches and witch hunters, there’s the possibility of witches using witch hunters for their own nefarious purposes!

  8. In the Philippines, there are a small number of sorcerers that utilize insects as their minions. They are called Mambabarang (insect men).

  9. After seeing an idea for IHMN Cephalyx, perhaps something like them? Or something like some sort of IHMN Cryx?

  10. And, of course, there’s Heroes and Villains from games like “Rippers: The Horror Wars” and the like who could work.

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