In Her Majesty's Name!

What is missing from IHMN Gothic?


As many of you know by now Charles and my objectives for the coming twelve months are to complete and publish:
1. Blood Eagle: skirmish wargaming in the legendary Dark Ages, and
2. IHMN Gothic: the third unique supplement for our original milieu,
in that order.

Gothic will include all the elements you currently see in the free section on the blog ( This comes to about 25,000 words and the book will need at least 40,000 words as it will be the same size and format as Daishō.

Now we have already covered a wide range of gothic companies, beasts and equipment, yet we are not going to be the sole arbiters of content for Gothic. Is there anything you think that we have missed, which you would like to see covered in our own inimitable style?

Note that we are not asking for fully-worked up examples with lists and points, more a number of concepts and elements. So take a look at what we have produced so far and take into account that IHMN Gothic is presently a European and mostly [u]not[/u] anglo-centric book.

Any ideas we use shall be credited to the originator and will get their name in the acknowledgements in the book.