Rot and Drivel indeed!

Occasionally in my meanderings around all things VSF, Victorian and even steamed punk (?), I come across an artisan and a master of his craft. When I do I like to share their works for all to wonder at and aspire to emulate.

So let me introduce you to Mr Michael McGraw esq., master of the Articulated Rot & Steam Launched Drivel blog.

He first appeared to me about a year ago through the aegis of the telegraphic face book and I wandered the mean alleyways of his world in awe. What I never did was document his doings here on the IHMN blog. Thus, I am sharing it now on the principle of better late than never.

Herein are a few of his photographic plates, the remainder reside at his workshop the address of which is:

IMG_1941 IMG_1947 IMG_8075

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