Roosevelt, don’t shoot the cannon!

Colonel Sir Nautilus von Reinwald has a blog packed with wargaming goodness including several postings upon IHMN that are well worth the time to read.

Sawyer 032

A good example can be found here:

I like using a younger Teddy Roosevelt as an IHMN character, a genuine American eccentric.


The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company in…The Mysterious Wu Fang! Part Two – Comic Battle Report – IHMN AAR

Queue thrilling music and as it fades we see the most excellent Captain G. Richards’ splendid battle report:

Wu Fang

Dr Who in the Wild, Wild West

Dr Who

Wee Bloke has just posted an exciting AAR over on his blog. In this game he and his sidekick put DR Who, ably supported by K9 and a Victorian version of UNIT against Wild Bill and his Wild West Show.

Both were after a deactivated cyberman who was, for reasons unexplained, in a house in the western town of Obsession.

Truly gorgeous terrain really adds a spark to this AAR. Hopefully this shall be the first of many to come. You can find the entire illustrated story here:

Ruby Annie, Cultists, Evil Prof Winklehelm…and a lot of porkers.

silis 2

Over on the IHMN forum our good friend Sir Silibuster CDM has penned yet another brilliant and well-illustrated battle report. This time Rubie Annie and her ladies of dubious virtue take on the might of Professor Winkelhelm and his automatons as well as the sinister followers of Prince Akhenaten.
You can find the whole debacle described in purple prose here:

If you haven’t visited the Lead Adventure IHMN forum yet you should (it is a child board of the Victorian Science Fiction forum). With nearly 700 threads and over 6000 postings it is the liveliest debating chamber in the IHMN universe.

The other is our Facebook page:

The Tractate Middoth Campaign AAR

IHMN game 1 012

One has come across a fascinating campaign report by a chap called Steve Johnson.

1881 Templar church in the Carpathian mountains.
Rumours had reached the Carpathian Templar Grandmaster as to the whereabouts of the fabled ‘Tractate Middoth’ book taken to India in AD52 by St Thomas the Apostle. Its location was believed to be in a remote valley in the North-West Frontier Province of British India. Nobody new exactly where, but there was enough information for the Grandmaster to summon his most trusted Master, Solomon Kane. His task was simple. Find the book and bring it back to the Templar church.
Unbeknown to the Grandmaster, other parties in the region had also heard the rumours. Their interest was purely financial, but also piqued by the mystical properties associated with the book. The owner was reputed to gain immortality, a prize beyond the riches of man. One such party was the ‘Brotherhood of Conjurors’ from the mystical East…..

One can find it in its entirety here:
It really looks like it could develop splendidly