Something Fishy – a new AAR from a new chap

Joe Fish

An exceptional young gentleman, with the most Dickensian moniker of ‘Joe Fish’, has directed me to his blog where he describes a desperate race for life between the Hellfire Club and the Japanese army.
It is an entertaining scenario combining all the best elements of IHMN play. I suggest to head over to ‘Fish Tales’ and check it out.



Catch that pigeon now!!

Jeff Smith over at The Gen has related the events surrounding an encounter between the Prussian Totenkopf and a group of Players and Stage Hands from The Star Theatre. A one-sided affair you might think, but it seemed to be a play in two acts.

IHMN Wednesday 22 October 2014 009

The Totenkopf being a bunch of awful cads brought their signature gas grenades, which are splendidly represented here by David Drage’s laser cut acrylic markers. Go to Steampunk Miniatures Review for details on those.

The whole report can be found here:

Bad Jack and his fish dinner AAR

Bad jack

Our good friend Tony (aka Shadowking) has put up another one of his fascinating AARs. Alec played the Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company against Tony’s Jenny Nemo company (including a sea demon/fish man/whatever).

Bad jack 2

The complications included Collateral damage and, as you can see above, a Religious Procession.

To see more pictures and the result look here:

A bit of a dust up…

It has been a while since we featured one of our old friend Skrapwelder’s after action reports, but this one is quite excellent so here goes.

Sir Skrapwelder decided to give his Sarmatian Order an outing against his comrade Leadfool’s Servants of Ra. The full details of the clash are here, but below are couple of tasters of the troops and the action. Absolutely splendid what!



A telegraph from the dominions…

Hold the Line

A loyal member of Her Majesty’s dominion of Canada, a certain Justin Borges, has posted a YouTube video describing a game of IHMN that he put on at the Hold The Line show.
Four companies, including Lord Curr’s Incorrigibles, a British Rifle Co., the Ortega clan from Malifaux (which I believe is somewhere near Guatemala) and even some odd fellows called the ‘Quar’, took part in a modified version of the Catch the Pigeon scenario.
He seems to be quite impressed with IHMN’s ability to create companies with any figures one has to hand
Antway it looks like everyone had a splendid time! Well done young Mr Borges!!

You can find his full report on his YouTube channel:


IHMN AAR: The Cabinet of Dr. Nebogipfel

Down in in the English village of Little Ribble a bunch of nefarious ne’er-do-wells led by Lord Glenmore try to wrest an odd device created by the mysterious Dr Nebogipfel from the courageous Capt Gideon and his stalwart chaps.

This is an excellent AAR from a pair of new players Mark Warden and his oddly named comrade Robafett. Take a peek at this well-written and profusely illustrated account.

Level 2 level 3

You can find it here:

Look out for the monkey!

What happens when you mix Scotland Yard, a Circus Troupe and the British Secret Service? Mayhem worthy of mention is what.

David, the Editor-General of the Steampunk Miniatures Review, has put together an entertaining report of his first battle using the IHMN rules. As you can see from the pictures below it ;looks like he and his comrades had quite a time…

IHMN Game 1 - 09[3] IHMN Game 1 - 12[3]

You can read more here: