A Short Tactical Treatise


Gentlemen, Ladies, Colonials and Americans 😉

Over the last few years, I have seen numerous company commanders bemoan the ability of high pluck, elite troops to waltz through their lowly hordes with apparent impunity.

Well chaps, this downheartedness must cease immediately! As a Working Class Hero of the Brick Lane Commune with a 50% victory rate, I feel it is my duty to enlighten you as to teach these toffs a lesson.

So stiffen your upper lips with the following:

1. The Mob effect!
So your enemy is wearing a breastplate or the Oil of Horus, pfft! It matters naught when you have the numbers?
Take him down with a mob of brave fellows, especially if you can give some of them the Tough or Fanatic traits. The Mobbing rule (IHMN 3.4.4) will give your chosen champion up to +3 extra to his attack roll. Remember that if you are mobbing your champion still benefits from the Outnumbering rule (IHMN 3.4.3) for an extra +1. Make sure that your champion has the best weapon of the mob.
And if you have the guns do not forget the Volley fire rule (IHMN 3.3.5).

2. Everything counts in large amounts!
Even for those with a 2+ Pluck, the more hits you inflict upon them the more saves they must make and the bigger chance they will fail. Say you hit Akhenaton six times in a turn… the odds will eventually make even that Lord of Death pause to test his immortality.

3. Armour, what armour?
“Feel the strength of my new SRC Breastplate.” said Captain Napier, beaming his best victorious grin.
“I see no breastplate.” said Feldwebel Krieg, pumping up the pressure on his flamethrower.
Remember those weapons that ignore armour completely – flaming weapons, arc weapons, icy blast, resonant touch. It is not for nothing that the enemies of the revolution fear my incendiaries.

4. Down with Pluck!
Look down the list of weapons your horde can take and look for the Pluck -2 ones.
Hey, Akhenaton! your 2+ pluck save is now effectively a 4+…

Another thing worth noting is that in the back of HVF and SDRS are Backward Compatibility tables to allow earlier companies to enjoy some of the newer weapons and equipment created in these supplements. This is why the anarchists in my Brick Lane Commune company are so feared. Which one is the martyr carrying the bomb (4″ radius effect, +4/-2)?

So armed with this, go forth and make those elitist commanders rue the day they sneered at your low-born hordes!

Errata update

The IHMN Errata sheet has been updated. Please see Bonus Materials item 4.

The new errata contains three new corrections:

  • A crossbow costs 5 points.
  • The Hunter talent can be used with any precision shooting weapon (see the Addendum for the Marksman talent above), not just with the hunting rifle.
  • There is no limit on the number of figures in a company which can have the Leadership Talent.

The last one is particularly important as it now allows you to field more than two figures with the leadership talent in a single company. This is important as many companies are listed with three or more leaders, i.e. Scotland Yard.

New weapon for IHMN

Due to developments both in the Royal Armouries in Woolwich, London, and at Edison’s Arc Weapon’s factory in Buffalo, New York we are pleased to announce the following official rules expansion for IHMN.
From this day forth there shall be two different electric hand weapons available:
1. The English All-Electric Truncheon [FV+1, Pluck -1] at three points, and
2. The Edison Arc Truncheon [FV+1, Pluck -1] at six points.
The Edison device differs in that it has more powerful shock capacitor. It thus counts as an Arc weapon in that it igores all forms of armour with the exception of the Faraday Coat and the Faraday Shield.
Any figure that currently uses the English All-Electric Truncheon may upgrade to the Edison Arc Truncheon for an additional 3 points.