Two marvellous companies for your Indian campaigns

The excellent Major Gordon Richards MC has once more wrought his magic upon IHMN with two splendid new companies for you to enjoy.

The Khyber Rifles Frontier Force The Shangri-La Fusiliers

Trot over to here: , to read their backgrounds and full company lists.

The Dark Knight cometh…

dark knight

In the fogbound streets of London at night, so many crimes go unnoticed by the good men of the Metropolitan Police. They are few and villainy is everywhere.

In the last few months, many criminals have been found bound and gagged, with a list and evidence of their crimes, outside the doors of Police Stations. Each list is signed The Dark Knight. The press have got wind of this and have been lauding this night-cloaked vigilante though the Commissioner of Police has denounced him. Abel Caine, Lord ‘o’ the docks, has put a bounty of fifty guineas on the Dark Knight’s head.

You can find the Dark Knight list in the Additional Materials page of the blog. It is an experiment to see how a low-level superhero would fare in the world of IHMN. Give it a go and let us know how it went.

Marley & Co., Bailiffs


Civil justice in the Victorian period moves at two speeds. The time it takes for civil cases to come to court and then wend their way through the labyrinthine legal process can be measured in years, if not decades. Great houses can be brought to penury, and their scions find themselves debtors in Newgate gaol long before a Judge even sees their papers.

That said, once a ruling is finally made the bailiffs can be at your door even before you have arrived back from the Courts. The bailiffs of this period are not court-appointed officials bound by law and codes of practice. They are private contractors often employed by the creditors and they have no qualms about using all means necessary. This can include breaking in gates and doors, roughing up servants and carting off everything of value including wallpaper, windows and the doors themselves.

For more see the Bonus Materials page…

The Conservators of the British Museum


There are many who believe that the purpose of the British Museum is to collect, catalogue and exhibit items of historical, artistic or cultural interest for the delectation and education of the great British public. Few realise its far more important function. As the British Empire expanded its soldiers, diplomats, traders and missionaries began to come across extraordinary artefacts, many of which were quite dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. So the British Government set up the British Museum with the singular purpose of recovering these artefacts and putting them where they could do no further harm.

The Conservators are a new company that can be fund in the Bonus Materials section of the blog.

The Yeoman Guard

Who are those smart soldiers that always seem to be at Her Majesty’s side, even in her audience chambers? Why do they wear no insignia and bear arms within her palaces when no other is permitted to do so?

Heavy Trooper

To know more, look at item 22 of the Bonus Materials section, entitled ‘The Yeoman Guard – a special company for In Her Majesty’s Name‘.

The figure is a special one from North Star miniatures sculpted to accompany the release of Ospreys’ Steampunk Soldiers. I would warrant that if General Nicholas Eyre was assailed by enough of you he might make it available as a special release…?

Happy Christmas!

Lady Felicity Manningham at your service

Lady Felicity

Lord Curr’s constant companion and, as some would have it, bodyguard, is Lady Felicity Manningham, the widow of the hero of 2nd Islandwhana. Many a would-be assailant has learned to their cost that this slender beauty is no lady, but a former East End music hall performer, pick-pocket and armed robber, better known as ‘Two-gun Tess’. Sir Oswald Manningham VC fell in love with her in the music hall and took her to be his second wife. Her defence of her mortally wounded husband on the steps of the Paris Opera in 1892 was the stuff of legend. Five Boers never returned to celebrate their assassination of this truly British hero. However, upon his untimely demise Manningham’s family still managed to ensure she walked away with nothing but her new name.
This is where Lord Curr came in like a white knight to prevent her returning to the gutter. He saw a ‘measure of steel’ in her and an ability to think quickly and decisively in life and death situations. Since then she has proved invaluable to many of his schemes and has saved his life on a number of occasions.
Her favoured weapons are a pair of .38 high velocity Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolvers, with the shorter 4″ barrel and Metford polygonal rifling. The light touch automatic action suits her, as does their accuracy and rate of fire. Using a Prideaux speedloader she is able to fire twelve shots into a three-inch bull’s-eye at twelve paces in approximately 15 seconds.
One other thing she likes about them is the fact that each one takes eight rounds, something that has often surprised opponents used to revolvers with the standard six rounds.
These signature weapons were given to her by Colonel Fosbery himself, as he had been a friend and comrade of her husband in Africa, and was stunned by the treatment she got at the hands of his family.
Even without her revolvers she is still quite formidable. Her coolness in action, skill in persuading men who should know better, light fingers and the cut-throat razor that is always concealed somewhere about her person make her a woman to treat with respect.
Members of the Incorrigibles have come to rely on her to temper Curr’s hot headedness, and many are completely devoted to her.
One of her fondest memories is being introduced to Queen Victoria at Windsor by Lady Helen Quatermain. It is there that the Queen passed on to her the Victoria Cross that Sir Oswald earned in Africa with an additional bar on the ribbon marked simply ‘Paris 1892’.

A new story featuring this deadly companion can be found in the Fiction section.

IHMN Gothic – Part V.V The Grand Tour of Miss Beaufort Summers

During the summer many young Americans enjoy taking the Grand Tour around the sights of Europe.


Miss Beaufort Summers, Buffe to her friends, a California Gold Heiress, has chosen to tour the eastern portion of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with her courageous companions.


You can find the details of her touring party on the IHMN Gothic page.

The Secret Service Bureau – Grey Section

“Most of the intelligence services in Europe and America are staffed by amateurs and talented dilettantes. It makes them interesting and oftimes entertaining, but seldom effective. Some, like the Okhrana, spend more time killing their own men than gathering intelligence. The British Empire is served by men and women with cold hearts and sharp minds. This is why we are feared, this is why we shall prevail.”
Lady Grey, induction speech to new recruits.

Picture is copyright to Ms Georgina Gibson.

The greatest Empire the world has ever known did not become so by force of arms alone. Nor did its ruthless mercantile houses like the ‘Honourable’ East India Company make it so. It became an empire because it trained its elite to lead in all fields. It educated them in the halls of Eton and Harrow to understand the minds of great men such as Julius Caesar, Pompey, Crassus, Socrates and Machiavelli. It made them pitiless to their inferiors and willing to take all such steps as are considered necessary and expedient for the greater glory of the Empire.
Beneath the veneer of military glory and commercial success is an organisation that takes imperial diplomacy one step further, the Secret Service Bureau. This is the cutting edge of the British Imperial razor and woe be to those whose names enter their files as a threat. As such threats that are eliminated by the Grey Section of the SSB, by any means necessary.
You will find the complete description and details of the SSB in the bonus materials section. This was originally published in Issue 70 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine.

IHMN Gothic Part II

Behold Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the terror that stalks Carpathia. Prometheus unbound and his insane creator are at large! It’s alive! Alive I tell you!!

What can stop this lumbering menace? Why, are those the villagers banding together armed only with pitchforks and flaming torches? Perhaps we can be saved after all by the desperate courage of the common peasantry…


So the first two companies have now been published on the Gothic page. Baron Viktor von Frankenstein, the Creature and its unholy Bride, and not forgetting Igor, are available for you to terrorise the poor villagers once again.

The Baron should be careful though because the villagers of the Carpathian mountains are survivors of centuries of dealing with the fell beasts and monstrous undead that plague their regions. They are a hardy and suspicious folk well used to death and horror.

The two companies come equipped with new equipment and talents. You shall have to await the arrival of the Armoury before the true usefulness of these becomes apparent. Note that the cost of some of this new stuff may change slightly as the series progresses and playtesting shows its worth or otherwise. we shall notify you of such changes and the final version will have all these worked in.

There are ten more companies in the pipeline after these, so keep your eyes peeled…